IQC is a leading provider of consulting serv​ices focused on supporting companies to improve proccesses, products and skills in order to bring them to achieve best performance. IQC is able to realize it thanks to innovative tools like Digital Badge and Performance Digital Traceability. The value of IQC ​is based on the long experience of its founding partners that have supported several organizations in their knowledge-enhancement fostering Italian know-how in the domestic and foreign markets​.

The time of Industry 4.0 and Human Capital Big Data, IQC proposes the use of the Digital IQC Badge: an innovative tool providing a digital representation of the performance of organizations, processes/services and products as well as a wide-ranging view of the skills and competences of workers.


IQC ​for the following main Sectors


  • ​​Digitization and Industry 4.0
  • Laboratory Accreditation
  • Legal Metrology
  • PT Provider
  • Supplier Inspection and Qualification
  • Performance Digital Traceability (PDT®)

​Energy and Sustainability

  • ​Energy diagnosis
  • Environmental sustainability studies and analysis
  • Performance Digital Traceability (PDT®)

Business Services, PP.AA, Healthcare

  • ​Environmental sustainability studies and analysis
  • Healthcare Accreditation and Certification
  • Technical Design Response to contract bids in support of FM Companies
  • Qualified outsourced services
  • Privacy and Cyber Security
  • Performance Digital Traceability (PDT®)


IQC with the following main Services


Methodological Support to Organizations and Public Institutions for the definition of Technical Specifications for Qualification, Accreditation and Certification of internal, and / or outsourced Systems, Products, Processes and Services, with particular reference to the following points:

  • Enhancement of products and services through the development of specific sector tools possibly with the involvement of stakeholders.
  • Analysis of the performance level of processes and services and support in the definition of plans for improving economic, social and environmental sustainability with the involvement of the entire supply chain, where possible in integrated vision and interconnected with advanced information systems.
  • Knowledge Management Analysis, within Manufacturing and Service Organizations. Knowledge is the heritage of the organization, it is the basis of the reliability of processes and services and represents a value that needs to be preserved and improved.
  • Search for partners who are able to certify the compliance with Interational Standard Requirements of systems, processes, products, services.

Performance Digital ​Traceability 

IQC, in ord​​er to support its clients, developed a new Service called “Performance Digital Traceability (PDT)”.
This service is meant to help improve processes, products and skills thanks to the identification and traceability of performances data.
PDT uses IT, Big Datas and Business Intelligence’s evolution (I 4.0) to link the digital strategy of MEN -METHODS - MATERIALS - MACHINE -​ ENVIROMENT with the services and products provided to its clients.
PDT has not to be confused with certification of compliance issued by accredited certifying bodies.
PDT, instead, testifies the added value to things and thanks to the Digital Badge:
- allows clear and transparent digital representation of services and processes’ value and inhances their visibilities
- allows to acquire objective evidences in all different digital forms (Videos, audios, photos, etc.)
All these information can be easly stored and shared by organizations on their websites and social platforms to show their ongoing evolutionary dynamics and tap into others’ demand.


IQC conducts inspections on management and production processes, internal or outsourced. The main goal of IQC inspections is to ensure that the activities inspected produce the expected results. This means that IQC works side by side with enterprises to research and to implement corrective actions related to anything that is not conform.
IQC performs inspection services, aimed to verify the processes and services of an organization (Third Part Inspection), or those of its suppliers (Second Part Inspection). Inspections can also be finalized to the qualification of companies participating to a consortium, association, cooperative or a franchise. Inspection can also be performed to qualify public or private organizations, following specific requirements issued by institutional authorities. IQC is also a qualified specialist consultant in programs of Public or Private Accreditation for services or professional competences. IQC provides its own inspection service in support of the organizations for the supervision of its Management System (First Part Inspections), finalized to the respect of the regulation in  Quality - Safety - Environment – Energy. A particular service is offered to Laboratory and small Certification Bodies to obtain and maintain the accreditation in compliance with Regulation (EC) 765.

Based on the specific needs of the customer, a Specification can include: one or more processes and / or services of an organization, an entire management system or parts of it​.